Girls And Guns (1991)

Rating: **
Review Date: 2/9/01
Written and Directed by: Steve Nadelman
Cast: Whitney Prescott, Lisa Elaine, Brittney Ashland, Sheri Graham, Tabetha Rodgers

A bizarre by-product of the Persian Gulf War, this short video features five young buxom women who sign up for Steve Nadelman's Desert Storm Commando School. They all come from various backgrounds and each has their own reason for wanting to learn how to shoot, but they're all quite clearly models or dancers. We follow them as they get introduced, make small talk in the locker room, do some gratuitious "warm-up" exercises, shoot various handguns, eat lunch, and finally shoot various rifles while topless. (it actually took me a while to notice they were topless, since I was focussing on the guns...)

This video probably falls somewhere between Lenny Magill's straight-forward and no-nonsense "Rock 'n' Roll 3" (1987) and the utterly dreadful "Hot Shots", and even though the production values are higher than either of those titles, it's still painfully uncomfortable to watch. Fortunately it's only thirty-five minutes long, so the pain is minimal. However, credit should be given to the entire team for trying to put together a simplistic plot line, and for playing it straight and serious throughout. For the most part, the women are all attractive and fun to watch which is a step up from "Rock 'n' Roll 3" and a serious improvement over "Hot Shots." The camera work and editing are also competent and tasteful, choosing to frame the action instead of just focussing on the women's chests like the laughably bad "Hot Shots." This production also uses a cheezy heavy metal soundtrack similar to "Rock 'n' Roll 3", but at least it's from a band that I've actually heard of (XYZ). Unfortunately, the music sounds out of place and they keep playing the same two or three songs over and over again. Ultimately, if you like watching girls with guns, the shooting segments are entertaining and worth watching. Otherwise, it's pure torture to sit through.