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Rating System: I try to rate films based on a combination of the overall quality of the material within its genre, and its overall entertainment value. But really, it just boils down to how much I enjoyed any given film, based on my personal tastes and biases.
****Excellent - A fantastic and highly recommended piece of film.
***Good - An above average, entertaining, and generally well made movie, marred only by occasional technical and/or artistic flaws.
**Mediocre - An average or unremarkable film that's watchable with just enough perks to keep me interested.
*Poor - A waste of time with no redeeming value.

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I'm a big fan of Japanese anime and Hong Kong cinema, so I've divided my reviews into the following high level categories:
Animated Films Asian Films American and European Films

I'm definitely an action movie buff, and these sub-categories highlight my favorite film genres:
Martial Arts Female Action Cinema

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