Rock 'n' Roll 3 (1987)

Rating: **
Producer: Lenny Magill

Oh my god. I never dared to dream that this kind of stuff even existed, but it does. And it's bad. Sixty minutes of young girls in bikinis firing a wide range of popular machine guns in the deserts of Southern California, all set to an awful rock and roll soundtrack composed by low rent local heavy metal bands. With the exception of one extreme beauty, all of the girls are amateur college talent of fair quality. In addition to the terrible soundtrack, we get to listen to painfully embarrassing commentaries by the girls about themselves and the specs of the guns they're firing. (My personal favorite is when one of the girls firing an MP-5 says "Those Germans sure know how to make a machine gun!") Barely competent photography is coupled with lame DVE's, but at least the girls all look like they're having a good time.