Hot Shots (???)

Rating: *

Ack! Shut it off, quick! As if Lenny Magill's professionally produced "Rock 'n' Roll 3" (1987) wasn't bad enough, some idiot decided to make a video of topless women firing machine guns in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Apart from two semi-cute college girls, the rest of the women are skanky biker chicks and nasty housewives - people you do not want to see naked. Even more insulting are the randomly inserted clips of the girls putting on makeup, a crash course in firearm safety and operation, interviews and commentaries by the women, outtakes of jammed guns and bad takes, and my personal favorite; the two semi-cute topless college girls tossing around a Frisbee amongst the cacti in between takes. The photography is laughably bad and often shows close-ups of the women's breasts while cropping their guns completely out of frame. After an hour of this atrocity, it finally pays off in a spectacular shot of all eight women simultaneously lighting up a hillside while taking out a collection of various water jugs and fresh produce. Scary shit.