Angel's Project (HK 1993)

Rating: **
Cast: Sibelle Hu, Benny Ko, Moon Lee, Mark Houghton, Pauline Wong (?)

Hong Kong cops Sibelle Hu and Moon Lee escort a prisoner to Malaysia, but she is soon liberated by her Malaysian buddies. Hu and Lee manage to capture one of the bad guys (Benny Ko from "Police Story 2" (1987) ) and convince him to help them track down the missing girl and the data disc that she possesses (Moon Lee even resorts to tickle torture - that lucky bastard...). The girls finally learn that the situation is a lot more complicated, which leads to a huge raid of a drug smuggling operation deep in the jungle and lots of dead bodies.

The action varies from good to very good, but Sibelle Hu's fighting seems a bit lackluster and restrained. Moon Lee and Benny Ko are lots of fun to watch, and Ms. Lee is her usual charming self. Unfortunately, the sections between action scenes are long and tedious, and way too much time is spent lingering on the sights of Malaysia and wandering through the jungle. Possibly shot back to back with "Mission Of Justice" (1992), and it liberally borrows music from Moon Lee's "Killer Angels" (1989).