Killer Angels (HK 1989)

Rating: ***
Cast: Moon Lee, Lau Kar Fai (Gordon Liu), Leung Ka-Yan, cameos by Ng Man Tat, Shing Fui On, Mark Houghton, Nadeki Fujimi

The quintessential Moon Lee film and one of the best girls with guns movies around. Ms. Lee is amazingly cute and she wears a lot of really cute outfits while beating the crap out of everyone. She and two other "angels" team up to shut down a white slavery operation and blow lots of stuff up. Lots of girls 'n' guns action and kung fu, and Moon Lee's big fight with Leung Ka-Yan is extremely satisfying. Surprisingly, kung fu veteran Gordon Liu doesn't get any chops in and only relies on his gun.

Notes on domestic release: How utterly disappointing! I bought the dubbed version of this awesome movie so I could finally understand the subtleties of the sub-plots, but the translation is so poor that the film is even more confusing than the original Chinese version. They never even bothered trying to explain the connection between Gordon Liu and Moon Lee, which is the most interesting and perplexing unanswered question in the film. And they also completely cut out Moon Lee's musical number! What a waste! Even more humiliating is that the synopsis on the box cover was written by someone who obviously never saw the film, because it doesn't even come close! See the original Chinese version - even if you don't understand what's going on, you'll be glad you did.