Mission Of Justice (HK 1992)

Rating: **
Cast: Moon Lee, Yukari Oshima, Kwong Leung Wong, Carrie Ng, cameos by Gary Daniels, Mark Houghton, Sophia Crawford

Average fare. Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima are kick-ass special agents under the leadership of a cool Colonel Carrie Ng (who does nothing but pose, smoke, and look cool). They go to Thailand to bust up a drug trafficking operation and to bust some heads as well. The head villainess is totally awesome and her whip toting assistant is pretty cool, too. Lightweight action fare throughout, but a totally unnecessary rape scene spoils the tone of the film. There is some nice girls 'n' guns action here and there, but it's far too sparse and there is some annoying faux-slow-mo photography involved as well, cheapening Ms. Lee's and Ms. Oshima's performances. Additionally, when the score isn't stealing music from "Killer Angels" (1989), there is a terribly out-of-time keyboardist plinking away. And everyone in the film is fashion impaired, resulting in the most embarrassing outfits Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima have ever worn.