Angel 3 (HK 1989)

Rating: ***
Director: Teresa Woo
Cast: Alex Fong, Moon Lee, cameo by Karina Isa

The angels put down the guns and pick up the gadgets (including flying jet packs) in this James Bond styled actioner. Moon Lee looks great and performs some of her best fighting ever - brutal and efficient. Sadly, she is absent from the last third of the film as Alex Fong takes over the final assault on the bad guys. Similar to "Angel 2" (1988) this film focuses more on him than anyone else. Also unfortunate is the absence of pretty Elaine Lui, but Karina Isa returns in a cameo. Lots of action, well executed fighting sequences, and an unbelievably high body count, this film is a lot of fun (although the carnage gets a little exhausting at the end). It also incorporates the score from Moon Lee's "Killer Angels" made the same year.