Angel 2 (HK 1988)

Rating: ***
Director: Raymond Leung, Teresa Woo
Cast: Moon Lee, Elaine Lui, Alex Fong, Yuen Tak

Alex Fong gets together with some old school buddies for fun and laughs. Unfortunately, he finds out one of his friends is an international terrorist, and he and the other Angels are ordered to shut him down. The first hour of this film is tedious and tiresome to the point of annoyance with a couple of good fights thrown in by Alex Fong. Once the girls go to war, however, things liven up a bit. No longer is Elaine Lui the clumsy air-headed bimbo that she was in the first film - she puts up a great fight and looks sharp, sexy, and intense! Moon Lee is, of course, stunningly cute, but she seems to be upstaged by everyone for most of the film. She does, however, have one excellent fight at the end of the movie versus Yuen Tak that has been christened by many as "Moon Lee's finest fighting performance." I don't know if I'd go that far, but it's pretty damn good. (And, she never loses her cute little baseball hat!) Alex Fong actually plays the lead in the film (but you're watching it because of the girls) and gets to show off his competent martial talents as well.