Shutsudo! Minisuka Police (Japan)

Year: 1997
Platform: Saturn
Developer: SadaSoft/CIA
Genre: 18+
Rating: **

This is by far the most bizarre and embarrassing game I've ever played. The whole concept of Japan's Minisuka Police is weird enough, but this multimedia experience takes it to a whole new level. It's basically a collection of mini-games, video clips, and photo galleries, all focussing on Minisuka Police officers Mie Nanamori, Rika Ikeda, and Maika Ikemoto. The central theme to the entire "game" is long legs and short skirts, accompanied by the inevitable panty flashing. Here's a rundown of all the mind-blowing mini-games that this CD has to offer:

Lowrider: A girl in a mini-skirt is sitting in the back of a lowrider car. You're given a time limit to make the car bounce up and down, and you earn points by making it bounce so hard that the girl's legs fly apart (offering the rewarding panty shot in the process). Truly tasteless.

Race Car: A top-down vertical scrolling race game where you steer a car through a series of obstacles including pylons, rocks, and weird manhole covers. As you improve your performance, the girl on the side of the screen removes more of her clothing.

Arkanoid: Wow, an Arkanoid rip-off! The only variation is that the power-ups are in the form of ladies underwear! Pink bras give you firepower, green panties give you multiple balls, blue panties give you a double-wide player, and corsets shrink your player in half. When you clear a field, you're rewarded with a color picture of a cute girl.

Galaga: It just gets stranger... In this Galaga rip-off, you pilot a Minisuka Police spaceship through waves of attacking aliens. At certain milestones, one of the aliens will remove a piece of clothing from the girl on the side of the screen. But that's not all! If you shoot a flying mini-skirt, it will drop a panty-power-up.

Concentration: The classic bar game. A picture of a pretty girl is obscured by tiles and you have a time limit to match the tiles in order to expose the girl. Except that instead of flipping the tiles over, you lift up a girl's skirt to see what color underwear she's wearing! You have to match pairs of the same color underwear to win.

Body Matching: In this game, you're given a series of body parts that you have to match to three girls. Very odd...

Trivia: Finally, there's a multiple choice trivia game, but it's all in Japanese so it's hopeless to even try playing it.