Advanced V.G. (Japan)

Year: 1997
Platform: Saturn, PlayStation
Developer: Technical Group Laboratory
Genre: Girl fighting (18+)
Rating: ***

This is a 2D anime styled fighting game where waitresses compete in the "Variable Geo Tournament" to determine who's the toughest waitress in the world. The loser of each match is shamed by having to strip naked for the crowd. The game features story mode, arcade mode, and a two-player vs. mode. In story mode, you take the game's primary heroine, Yuka Takeuchi, through the VG Tournament which includes animated cut scenes and story development between bouts.

A fairly unremarkable "Street Fighter II" clone. Graphically, the game looks pretty good, but some of the character animations seem jerky and simplistic. Surprisingly, the treatment of stripping the characters naked after each fight is exceedingly tame. There is actually no nudity in the game anywhere, unless that's a bonus feature that gets activated when you have the difficulty level cranked all the way up. Story mode is a little cryptic unless you understand Japanese, and the animated cut scenes are pretty crudely done. The PlayStation version is nearly identical to the Saturn version. Play "Advanced V.G. 2" instead - you'll be glad you did.