Advanced V.G. 2 (Japan)

Year: 1998
Platform: PlayStation
Developer: Technical Group Laboratory
Genre: Girl fighting
Rating: ****

This is a 2D anime styled fighting waitress game that picks up where "Advanced V.G." left off. The game features story mode, arcade mode, and vs. mode, and adds three new fighters to the competition. The most prominent of these characters is Tamao, a young and overly enthusiastic protege of the series' main character, superwaitress Yuka Takeuchi. In story mode, you advance Tamao through the ranks of the VG Tournament to ultimately challenge Yuka, her hero and mentor. Character dialogs are presented in between matches to advance the story, and an interesting feature is that Tamao learns more advanced moves as the story progresses.

This game is a dramatic improvement over "Advanced V.G." in every regard. The graphics and animation are great, the gameplay is slick and responsive, and the game features a cool animated intro movie. Additionally, the "get naked" aspect of the VG Tournament has been dropped completely (unless it's a hidden feature), making this a legitimate all-ages fighting game. Another added feature is a "power guage" that slowly fills up and allows you to execute some killer finishing moves. Much like "Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Final", a lot of emphasis is put on the game's combo engine, which allows for aerial combos and counters. An excellent outing that probably represents the pinnacle of the girl fighting genre.