Tekken 3

Year: 1998
Platform: PlayStation
Publisher: Namco
Genre: 3D fighting
Rating: **

Taking place fifteen years after the events in "Tekken 2", this game features a bunch of new characters along with a handful of the original cast. A mysterious being known as Ogre is killing the world's greatest martial artists, so Heihachi Mishima organizes the third "King Of The Iron Fist" tournament as bait to lure him out. Unfortunately, my favorite Tekken character, Jun Kazama, was one of Ogre's victims, so she is absent from the game. Major bummer. Fortunately, bad girls Nina and Anna Williams are still around, so not all is lost. The controls are more responsive than "Tekken 2" and the characters look a little better this time around, but they're still kind of blocky and don't look as smooth as the characters in "Dead Or Alive." The game also utilizes scalable backgrounds which create a more 3D looking environment at the cost of clarity and detail. I don't particularly like the look and nothing in the game really grabbed my interest. I actually prefer playing "Tekken 2" more.