Dead Or Alive

Year: 1996 (Saturn), 1998 (PlayStation)
Platform: Saturn, PlayStation
Publisher: Tecmo
Developer: Team Ninja
Genre: 3D fighter
Rating: ****

My all time favorite PlayStation game. I even owned this game before I had a PlayStation! A straight forward 3D fighting game based on the "Virtua Fighter" engine, it features slick and intuitive gameplay, and a wide variety of moves, combos, holds, throws, and reversals. The game is particularly noteworthy for the fact that it's the only major fighting game to focus on the female characters, but it's infamous for its ridiculous "bouncing breast" feature. The game also offers more costumes than any other game, with a total of 89 different outfits to choose from. Earning costumes is an excellent incentive for mastering the game. Excellent graphics, highly detailed characters, killer moves, and an outstanding soundtrack make this a definite winner.

Although they're essentially the exact same game, there are some differences worth noting between the Saturn and PlayStation versions. The biggest difference is that the PlayStation version adds two new characters: Wrestler Bass Armstrong (Tina's father) and the lightning fast Ayane (Kasumi's evil twin sister). (Actually, Ayane shows up in the Saturn version as the training dummy) Other differences include different stage graphics, slightly different music, and different intro movies. Overall, the PlayStation version looks and plays much better, but oddly enough, the character's facial details show up better on the Saturn version.