Mega Turrican

Year: 1993
Alternate Title: Turrican 3 (Amiga)
Platform: Genesis, Amiga
Publisher: Data East
Developer: Factor 5
Genre: Action/adventure
Rating: ****

Turrican finally gets star treatment on the Genesis! An excellent platform adventure with great graphics and sound. Similar to the previous two "Turrican" games, the most interesting addition is the plasma rope for climbing and swinging to other areas. Since there are no directional weapons, the gameplay is somewhat simplified and the enemy patterns are more forgiving. There are no alternate weapons like mines or grenades, and the power line has been replaced with a smart bomb. The levels look fantastic and there's also another Giger-esque "Alien" level. Awesome fun!

Unfortunately, the Amiga version of the game (called "Turrican 3") is severely disappointing. It features an extra level, but the color management is poor and the controls are weak (especially the plasma rope).