Silk 2 (Philippines 1989)

Rating: **
Review Date: 3/8/18
Director: Cirio Santiago
Cast: Monique Gabrielle, Joe Avellana, Maria Claire

"Violence is a bitter pill to swallow."

Honolulu's hottest cop, Jenny "Silk" Sleighton (Monique Gabrielle), finds herself investigating an art insurance scam that revolves around four sacred Japanese scrolls. Things get personal when her partner dies while trying to recover the stolen scrolls for an old friend named Kashi (Joe Avellana).

It's a much better production than the original "Silk" (1986), but that's not high praise. Monique Gabrielle is pretty and a much better actress than Cec Verrell, but that's not high praise, either. She also has beautiful breasts, which director Cirio Santiago highlights with a gratuitous shower scene and a tasteless, artless, and out of focus sex scene. The action is dull and the fight scenes are pathetic, but it's fun to watch Monique playing a tough cop and she appears to thoroughly enjoy the role. The dubbing is pretty bad throughout, and Joe Avellana speaks with a dreadfully awful Japanese accent. The addition of two goofy youngsters totally derails the otherwise "serious" story, which leaves a bad taste. However, Maria Claire is admittedly pretty cute. For low grade B-movie fans only.

Some interesting trivia: The description on the box calls out Monique Gabrielle as a "Playboy Playmate Of The Year," when in fact she was a "Penthouse Pet Of The Month." There's a big difference.