Silk (Philippines 1986)

Rating: **
Review Date: 3/5/18
Director: Cirio Santiago
Cast: Cec Verrell, Bill McLaughlin, Joe Avellana, cameo by Vic Diaz

"Why do they call you Silk?"
"Because I'm so fucking smooth..."

Jenny "Silk" Sleighton (Cec Verrell) is a Hawaiian cop who is working on a case involving stolen identities. She also enjoys busting drug dealers whenever the opportunity arises, which happens quite a lot as it turns out. Add some police corruption and a recent string of unsolved murders, and Silk has her work cut out for her.

It probably doesn't deserve two stars, but I have a certain weakness for female action films - even the really bad ones. Cec Verrell is pretty and has a tight athletic body, but she's a terrible actress. As far as the genre goes, she does an adequate job of being a tough chick, as long as there isn't any dialog involved. Fans of Cirio Santiago will recognize lots of familiar faces from many of his other films, including Joe Avellana as detective Kobayashi. He's the only one who lends a sense of dignity and class to the super low budget production. The action scenes are awful, although they do blow up a couple of cars and an airplane. As an added bonus, Silk drives a sexy '66 Mustang, which thankfully doesn't get destroyed. The soundtrack is embarrassingly bad, and there's really nothing about the film that's worthy of recommendation.