Satan's Cheerleaders (1977)

Rating: *
Review Date: 11/14/99
Cast: Kerry Sherman, Jacqueline Cole

How could I pass up a movie with a title like this? Unfortunately, it's about what you'd expect - it's bad. The film starts off with the four member cheerleading squad of a certain university practicing cheers on the beach and flirting with the boys from the football team. We quickly learn that they are wild women with loose morals, and that they have a knack for causing trouble. The school janitor, Billy, is a nasty old dude who can't stand being taunted by the cheerleaders anymore, so he turns to a satanic cult to solve his problems. He kidnaps the girls, along with their ditzy instructor (Jacqueline Cole, who reprises this role in the equally bad "Angels Revenge" (1978) ), and takes them into the woods where Patti (ultra-babe Kerry Sherman) falls under a demonic spell and takes off all of her clothes. The shock is too much for Billy, and he dies. It turns out the whole town is a group of redneck devil worshippers, and they capture all of the girls and prepare for a virgin sacrifice. Too bad for them, these cheerleaders are all major sluts and none of them fit the bill. The twisted townsfolk are also in trouble because Satan has awakened in Patti, and she's got her own score to settle. All of the cheerleaders finally manage to escape, and Patti uses her devilish powers to heap victory on their school's football team. Good for her. For late night entertainment, it's hard to beat watching a bunch of cute girls in cheerleader outfits running around in the woods being chased by dogs and devil worshippers. However, it features some of the worst forehead slapping dialog I've ever heard, and it's visually apparent that the actresses are as uncomfortable delivering their lines as we are listening to them. The super low production values and cheesy disco score just add to the film's charm.