Angels Revenge (1978)

Rating: *
Cast: Jack Palance, Jacqueline Cole

Wow. How do movies like this ever get made? This horrible atrocity is the tale of a group of six busty women (and one not so busty woman) in low cut Evel Knievel jumpsuits who team up to take out a drug processing plant. In order to make the streets safe for young kids again, a ditzy school teacher (Jacqueline Cole) gets the brilliant idea to put together an assault team of bimbos to hit a major drug lord's operation. The politically correct, ethnically diverse, busty bimbo team consists of a black stunt car driver, an Asian martial artist swordswoman, a rich and famous blonde disco singer, a brunette glamor model, a bitchy blonde police woman (the only one without a huge chest), the ditzy brunette school teacher, and one of her cute perky blonde students. The Asian babe and the student are the only ones worth taking notice of, even though the extremely limited action scenes are embarrassing at best. Once the team is assembled, they purchase a van and turn it into a super armored vehicle complete with a machine gun turret on top. Not surprisingly, the girls get all of their leads and information with the aid of their bountiful chests, although there isn't any sex or nudity in the film - just sexual posturing and gratuitous cleavage and leg shots. More than anything, it resembles an after school special preaching about the evils of drugs, told with the aid of heaving bosoms. They eventually take out the drug plant and kill the evil drug lord and his right hand man (Jack Palance) and live happily ever after, even though the student gets shot in the arm. Just terrible. It also features one of the longest and lamest flashbacks I've ever seen - the entire hour in the middle. The Skipper and Mr. Howell from "Giligan's Island" also show up in embarrassing cameos.