The Road Warrior (1981)

Rating: ****
Director: George Miller
Music: Brian May
Cast: Mel Gibson, Mike Preston, Bruce Spence

This sequel to "Mad Max" (1979) is simply amazing, and features Mel Gibson in his coolest, toughest, and best looking persona yet as Max. In an apocalyptic future, gas and oil are the most precious substances on Earth, and gangs of bandits stop at nothing to procure these limited resources. Former police officer Max, alone and dwelling on the death of his family finds an oil well community in the middle of nowhere and offers his services in exchange for some juice. But a nasty band of violent thugs wants to take the entire installation for themselves. The community comes up with a desperate plan to leave the well to the bandits and make for greener pastures, and only Max can get the job done. Spectacularly violent, with some of the best car chasing desert combat scenes ever filmed. The final twenty minutes are a non-stop barrage on the senses as Max takes on an army of hostile vehicles in his giant tanker truck. Fantastic stuff, and not for the faint of heart.