Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

Rating: **
Director: George Miller
Cast: Mel Gibson, Tina Turner

A disappointing follow-up to the superb "Road Warrior" (1981). Civilization is starting to get back on its feet, and small communities of people are starting to pop up. Max finds himself in a town run by Tina Turner while trying to track down his stolen truck. She makes a deal with him to kill someone for her in an arena fight, and when he can't deliver the killing blow he's exiled to the desert. A strange band of people find him, revive him, and treat him as their messiah. He makes plans with them to travel to the big city, and sacrifices himself so that they can get away. Turner doesn't pull the trigger and Max stumbles off into the sunset alone, while the desert dwellers fly to Sydney which is a phantom town in ruins from the war. The tone of the film is not as dark and intense as the previous efforts, and the action sequences are lacking. Not a bad film, but not a very satisfying one either.