The Girls From H.A.R.M.! (2000)

Rating: **
Director: Pat Bishow
Cast: Tina Lee, Ary Nunez, CC Wong, Soomi Kim, Louise Millman, Charlie Pellegrino, Jon Sanbourne, cameo by Frances Lee

A no-budget homemade spy thriller from director Pat Bishow ("The Adventures Of El Frenetico And Go-Girl" (1997) ) featuring a trio of kung fu cuties who are trying to save the world from a psychotic madman. It's fun and campy, but not quite as entertaining as the world of El Frenetico. The girls are all fun to watch, but Soomi Kim rises above the rest with her beauty and skill. She alone seems comfortable and confident with her martial arts skills. Overall, the fight scenes are rather weak, and cheapened by camera tricks and premature cuts. However, the video does feature some impressive low budget effects, most noteably a miniature house explosion. Nice work! Unfortunately, the show seems to rely too heavily on its witty, but rather dry, writing instead of the exploits of the three leads. But I'm the kind of guy who would rather see good action over good writing.