The Adventures Of El Frenetico And Go-Girl (1997)

Rating: ***
Director: Pat Bishow
Cast: Charlie Pellegrino, Frances Lee, Madoka Raine, Jon Sanbourne, Clark Donnelly, Soomi Kim, Louise Millman

The high rating is purely for the fun factor. This is a no-budget, ultra tacky, super campy, home movie superhero series which pays homage to the original "Batman" TV show, Japanese sentai shows, and Mexican wrestling heroes. El Frenetico (Charlie Pellegrino) is an overweight, alcoholic, retired Mexican wrestler. His partner, Go-Girl (Frances Lee), is a cute and spunky Japanese superheroine, and together they fight the nefarious villains who would bring ruin to their beautiful city. The soundtrack is a fun mix of Mexican surf music and the fight sequences are highly entertaining and surprisingly good. In fact, by the last episode, the fight choreography could easily compete with some of the major studio productions. The tape contains three thirty minute episodes and pits our heroes against such nasty villains as Henry Syphon, The Fop, and the incredibly slinky and sexy Shade (Madoka Raine). Great fun!