Dark City (1998)

Rating: ****
Release Date: 2/27/98
Director: Alex Proyas
Cast: Rufus Sewell, William Hurt, Kieffer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly

Wow. A spectacular film with all of the charm and creepiness of an old "Twilight Zone" episode, enhanced by totally mind-blowing imagery and special effects. Very much like "The Fifth Element" (1997), it's a shallow and content-free film that resembles live action anime more than anything else, but it's still very cool and immensely satisfying to watch. Keiffer Sutherland as an eccentric doctor is a little over the top, but all of the other performances are stellar. William Hurt is downright awesome and sexy Jennifer Connelly is to die for. Very dark and moody, with just the right touch of surrealism to keep you guessing and constantly intrigued.