Seifuku SurviGirl II (Japan 2008)

Rating: **
Review Date: 9/23/12
Cast: Miu Nakamura, Rin Asuka

Picking up where "Seifuku SurviGirl I" (2008) left off, we find Sakura (Rin Asuka) in the hospital being consumed by a deadly plant infection. The military is very interested in this biohazard, so they send a team back to the cosplay theme park to learn more about it. Desperate to warn them of the danger, the park owner's niece (Miu Nakamura) rushes back to the park, sealing her fate. Meanwhile, a male classmate also ends up in the park in an attempt to find out what happened to the missing field trip, and he innocently picks up one of the deadly flowers. He gets infected and then passes it along to the heroine, resulting in lots of teen angst and demonstrating the perils of teenage sex. She miraculoulsy manages to survive, but the horror is far from over.

This film has slightly higher production values and features a bit more in the blood and gore department. It also flashes a little bit of skin and features an uncomfortably awkward (albeit off-camera) love scene. Unfortunately, the story completely stalls at the 15-minute mark as relationship drama takes over for the majority of the film. Apart from a couple of cameos by the survivors of the first film, the sequel focuses solely on one girl this time. Miu Nakamura is a cute and capable actress, but the sluggish pacing and lack of action made it hard for me to remain engaged. Thankfully, she gets some nice action scenes right at the very end (and even decapitates someone with a shuriken), which finishes the series on a high note.