Sennyu Sosakan: Torikago no Mehyo (Japan 2019)

Rating: *
Review Date: 5/24/20
Cast: Luna Amemiya

Simply unwatchable. This doesn't appear to have any connection to the previous "Sennyu Sosakan: Senno no Kangoku" (2017) except that the main character is a cop named Yuri (Luna Amemiya) and that she has giant boobs. The box cover even calls out her I-cup chest, so you know what to expect. I literally couldn't figure out the plot at all. From what I could tell, one of Yuri's friends is killed and she investigates the murder. She's captured and tortured at one point, but an unlikely ally helps out and her boss and dorky boyfriend show up at the end to save her. The film ends with her listening to a street performer for an uncomfortably long time, and then the credits roll.

While the previous movie focused on playful voyeurism, this one is much nastier and more pervy, without actually resorting to sex and nudity. However, actress Luna Amemiya sure seems to strip down to her underwear an awful lot, with both guys and gals that she comes across. Her encounters are very fetishistic in nature, and her sapphic romance is particularly confusing and disorienting for both parties. Luna Amemiya is arguably a better actress than Rin Tachibana, and is certainly more aggressive, intense, and physical. While she throws herself into her role with great gusto, she also conveys a constant sense of disdain for the material. She's not particularly attractive, and her blunt bangs tend to accentuate her hard features. But once again, it's abundantly clear that she was mainly cast for her sizable chest, and that's where the focus lies. While the camera work is considerably better than the previous film and is actually locked down and stabilized, the lighting and sound quality are embarrassingly poor. Pretty much a total waste of time.