Sennyu Sosakan: Senno no Kangoku (Japan 2017)

Rating: *
Review Date: 5/24/20
Cast: Rin Tachibana

Embarrassingly awful. I'm not even sure how to review this nonsense. It's like a low budget action erotica piece similar to "Zero Woman" (1995), except without the erotica. Or the action, for that matter. It's not even much of a police procedural. A policewoman named Yuri (Rin Tachibana) tenders her resignation so that she can marry her fiancé, but her boss hands her a secret document that makes her change her mind. She plays nurse with her boyfriend after he cooks her dinner, and then starts her undercover investigation the following day. She and her partner take jobs at a call center that the bad guys are using as a front for something. After breaking into the bad guy's safe while wearing a slinky low-cut catsuit to steal some documents, her partner is captured, tortured, and killed. Yuri storms the bad guy's office, but is also captured. It turns out the villain is a former colleague and/or lover of hers, but it's not clear what's going on. She's tortured and thrown into a prison cell, but the bad guy slips her a key so that she can escape. She confronts him again and he kills himself. With the case closed, she finally tenders her resignation and turns her back on her police career.

Within the first couple minutes of this atrocity, you know it's going to be bad. Thankfully, it's pretty short, but it's still a chore to watch. Gravure idol Rin Tachibana was obviously cast because of her large breasts, which are the focal point of the movie. She even admires them herself when slipping into her shiny black spandex outfit, making sure that the exact amount of cleavage is displayed for maximum excitement. Additionally, she takes meetings with her boss in a swimming pool, which is a silly excuse to squeeze her into swimsuits that don't quite fit. Ms. Tachibana is a decent enough actress and knows how to use her assets for maximum effect, although the role is hardly demanding. Production-wise, it's sub par. The lighting is generally awful and the handheld camera work is annoyingly jerky and blatantly voyeuristic. Unfortunatly, the movie fails to be entertaining on any level.