Secret Police (HK 1992)

Rating: *
Cast: Alex Fong, Moon Lee, Billy Chow

Awful! A lesser effort from cute 'n' perky Moon Lee as she only gets about twenty minutes of screen time and only gets involved in three uninspired skirmishes (but at least she doesn't pull any of her punches). A tough and sensitive Alex Fong is the star, and he plays a street thug who's really an undercover cop. Moon Lee plays his sister who is also a cop, and ends up nailing him in the end. Other than that, it's just good guys vs. bad guys and everything going to hell by the end of the film. The highlight is actually seeing the always welcomed Billy Chow beat the crap out of a gang of street punks that attack him somewhere in the middle of the film. Probably filmed back-to-back with "Beauty Investigator" (1992), it borrows the same locations and steals its musical score from "Killer Angels" (1989). Don't bother seeing it twice.