The Red Wolf (HK 1995)

Rating: ****
Director: Yuen Woo Ping
Cast: Kenny Ho, Christy Chung, Elaine Lui, Ngai Sing

Yuen Woo Ping delivers another fun and exciting martial arts marathon in this film, which is little more than "Die Hard" (1988) on a cruise liner (similar to "City Hunter" (1993) ). An ex-cop security guard (Kenny Ho) and a petty thief service girl (Christy Chung) stumble upon the bad guy's plans to smuggle uranium off the boat, and end up in the thick of it. Super-sexy Elaine Lui is on hand as a nasty bitch villain and is just too cool. Too bad she doesn't get to fight more. Christy Chung is surprisingly attractive and endearing, and gives a stellar performance (her fight with Elaine Lui is hilarious!). Kenny Ho, who I've never even heard of before, does an admirable job and is a great fighter. Lots of frenetic action and killer fight choreography make this a better than average action film that's a lot of fun to watch.