Die Hard (1988)

Rating: ****
Special Effects: Richard Edlund
Cast: Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman

John McClane (Bruce Willis) is a hard-nosed cop whose marriage is on the rocks. When the building where his wife works is taken over by terrorists, it's up to him to single handedly take out the terrorists (led by a sinister Alan Rickman) and save the hostages (not to mention his wife). Well paced with great action sequences and an intelligent script that generates a lot of tension. But perhaps even greater is the character of John McClane. Bruce Willis does an outstanding job of portraying his everyman character who has real feelings and fears, and bleeds and cries like the rest of us. His character has a lot of honesty and sincerity, and even though he isn't perfect, we all feel for him and cheer him on all the same. I was really surprised by this film and thoroughly enjoyed it.