Legendary Panty Mask (Japan 1991)

Rating: *

Huh? This is by far the strangest film I have ever seen, created by one of Japan's most ourtrageous writers, Go Nagai ("Kekko Kamen", "Cutie Honey" (2004) ). An old western town is populated entirely by cute young Catholic school girls and shotgun toting nuns who have killed off the entire male population. The girls are championed by a superhero named "Panty Mask" who shows up wearing a leather bikini and a pair of leather girls' underwear on her face. The nuns worship an ice carving of Christ which has the ability to make their soft drinks cold (which they don't share with the other girls), and the only drink in town is a chick beverage called Calpis. Complete with singing numbers and a grand musical finale of "Ten Little Indians", you really just have to sit back and ask yourself "why?"