Kekko Kamen 2 (Japan 1992)

Rating: **
Review Date: 2/27/00
Cast: Rei Nakano

More mind boggling insanity from one of Japan's most notorious writers, Go Nagai. In this, an evil principal of an extremely strict school wears a harlequin outfit and is known as Satan. Young female students are routinely punished, humiliated, and tortured by teachers and administration alike. Fortunately, the girls have a champion named Kekko Kamen, a masked vigilante who wears nothing but a red cape and mask (and boots and gloves if you want to get technical). She beats the girls' tomentors into submission with her fists and handy nunchakus, but nothing can prepare you for her spectacular finishing move. You see, one glance at Kekko Kamen's amazing vagina is enough to incapacitate any foe and leave them dead with a smile on their face. The principal is obsessed with discovering her identity and goes to extreme measures to capture her, but naturally, she gets the best of him. After the final showdown we're left with a crushed and defeated Satan hoping that Japan Home Video will allow him to star in another sequel.

It's excessively campy and vicious in intent, but its madcap lunacy and biting satire don't translate very well. Much like Go Nagai's "Legendary Panty Mask", this feature was shot on video with a microscopic budget, but fortunately its narrative is more linear and easier to follow. The cinematography, effects, and action sequences are laughably poor, but seem appropriate for the material. Let's face it, the whole point of this film is to watch cute young girls being victimized and to see a naked superhero come to their rescue. It's exploitation, not high art. The movie's complete disrespect and contempt for women can leave a bad taste in your mouth, but surprisingly the execution is innocently playful and I actually found myself enjoying it. At the very least, it's bizarre. Definitely avoid this one if you're easily offended.