Lady Battle Cop (Japan 1991)

Rating: **
Review Date: 3/12/00

Cheezy escapist fun. This is a shameless, but unpretentious rip-off of "Robocop" (1987), except that a woman is in the outfit this time. B-movie stupidity abounds in this film. Sometime in the future, the peace of Neo Tokyo is threatened by a terrorist group known as Cartel. This four man team consists of a stern military officer, a mute demolition expert, a crazy American black guy, and a knife throwing bimbo who wears designer camoflauge and lots of jewelry. They make short work of the local mafia and then they attack a scientific research lab that's conducting some bizarre experiments with a psionic muscleman. Meanwhile, a cute tennis pro named Kaoru and her friend decide to visit the lab for some reason. When they see all of the dead guards lying around, they decide to investigate. Bad move! The two of them are taken hostage, and Kaoru is raped by the crazy black guy. The bad guys wire the building to explode and leave Kaoru and her friend to die. Somehow, they manage to survive, but the explosion releases the telekinetic monster from the lab. Six months later, a female cyborg shows up on the scene with vengeance on her agenda. Her outfit is identical to her American counterpart, Robocop, with a couple of slight modifications including an earring and adjustable high heels. (she also poses more than Peter Weller does) Except that she's not really a cyborg, and the outfit is just body armor. (we find this out when she takes it off to shower) No explanation is given to the nature of the armor or where it came from, but she presumably found it at the destroyed lab and they conveniently had it in her size. Very early on we learn that bullets have no effect on our cyber-clad cutie, but that doesn't stop the bad guys from throwing hundreds of rounds of ammunition at her. Lady Battle Cop eventually kills everyone in her way (and I mean everyone) and takes out the head of the organization. She coldly walks into the distance as the caption "But the battle is just beginning..." rolls across the screen. Oh really? Is there anyone left to kill? Anyway, it's a fun movie to watch and some of the effects are kinda nifty. It's a tad slow and a little light on action, but the production values are decent and Robochick (not to be confused with "Robo C.H.I.C." (1990)) is a lot of fun to watch.