Kung Fu Zombie (HK 1983)

Rating: *
Review Date: 11/11/00
Cast: Billy Chong

Apart from Billy Chong's kung fu excellence, this is a tiresome low budget kung fu horror comedy. A criminal comes to town in order to kill Billy Chong over a past dispute. But instead of getting his own hands dirty, he hires a Taoist wizard to animate some zombies to do the job for him. The plan goes horribly awry, and the bad guy ends up getting killed in his own trap. This pisses off the villain's spirit and he forces the priest to reincarnate him - only they can't find a suitable body. Meanwhile, an undead fiend of sorts comes to town to kill Billy's father over some other past dispute. This is where all of Billy's kung fu training comes in handy, and he manages to kill the attacker. With this, the other bad guy finally has a body to use, but the reincarnation goes wrong and the corpse is reborn as a vampire. But not all is lost for the wandering spirit, because Billy's father dies shortly afterward and the spirit inhabits his body - a perfect way to get revenge against Billy! But Billy is too smart for the ghost and he ends up freeing his father's soul while also delivering kung fu justice to the powerful vampire. Whew! Oddly enough, this film uses music from "Moonraker" (1979) which is a little unsettling. Stupid, but watchable due to Billy Chong's strong presence and considerable martial arts skills.