Inspectors Wear Skirts II (HK 1989)

Rating: *
Review Date: 8/31/03
Producer: Jackie Chan
Cast: Sibelle Hu, Sandra Ng, Regina Kent, Wei Ying Hung, Amy Yip, Billy Lau, Melvin Wong, cameos by Bill Tung, Jeffrey Falcon, Mars, Ken Lo, Benny Ko

Surprisingly bad. This action comedy picks up where "Inspectors Wear Skirts" (1988) left off, except that it completely drops the action element in favor of screwball comedy. Sandra Ng, Regina Kent, and Wei Ying Hung return as members of the all female Banshee commando team, and have to contend with a group of new recruits including the busty Amy Yip. Beautiful Sibelle Hu returns as their instructor, and anti-terrorist specialist Melvin Wong vies for her attention. The Flying Tigers return as well, but Billy Lau is the only one in the group who gets more than a cameo. Amazingly, nearly the entire film revolves around tedious training exercises and silly pranks, which culminates into a claw-your-eyes-out dance number. Then in the last ten minutes, the film makes a 180 degree turn as both teams take on a terrorist situation involving Jeffrey Falcon and Benny Ko (along with some other familiar bad guy faces). The discontinuity is both jarring and hilarious, but even this brief helping of action isn't enough to save the film from the abyss. Wei Ying Hung and Sibelle Hu get a handful of good chops in, but nothing that's worth recommending. How sad.