Inspectors Wear Skirts (HK 1988)

Rating: ***
Alternate Titles: Top Squad, Lady Enforcers
Producer: Jackie Chan
Cast: Sibelle Hu, Cynthia Rothrock, Regina Kent, Wei Ying Hung, Sandra Ng, Anne Bridgewater, Billy Lau, Bill Tung, Jeffrey Falcon, Shing Fui On, Mars

A fun little comedy adventure romp, featuring a bevy of beautiful female commandos dishing it out in a handful of spectacular set pieces. Unfortunately, like Samo Hung's "Lucky Stars" series, the awesome action scenes are strung together with long and tiresome comedy elements. A shockingly sexy Sibelle Hu is a hard-ass training officer in charge of a group of female commando trainees which have a knack for pranks and getting into trouble (think "Stripes" or "Police Academy" here). These girls consist of Sandra Ng, femme fighter Wei Ying Hung, pro ice skater turned action actress Anne Bridgewater, Regina Kent, and a dozen other cuties. After a brief appearance in the opening action piece, Interpol agent Cynthia Rothrock shows up an hour into the film to complete the girls' training. Throughout the training, the girls are constantly teasing each other, pulling pranks, and trying to sneak away with the boys from the rival Tiger Squad. The real action comes in the last twenty minutes when both teams are assigned to catch some jewel thieves headed up by Jeffrey Falcon and everything goes to hell. The action scenes are incredibly filmed, staged, and performed, and all of the girls put up a great fight. The always enjoyable Jeffrey Falcon pulls off some wonderful stuff with Cynthia Rothrock and Wei Ying Hung that left my jaw dropped. It's just too bad that it slips into such goofiness for the majority of the film.