Hero Dream (HK 1992)

Rating: **
Review Date: 7/15/00
Alternate Title: Naked Huntress (Xenon re-issue)
Cast: Chin Siu Ho, Chin Kar Lok, Carrie Ng, Michiko Nishiwaki, cameo by Sophia Crawford

Another nondescript, make it up as you go, low budget, Hong Kong action flick. Chin Siu Ho is a cop who's married to a ditzy Carrie Ng (a horrible throw away role for her). When they go on vacation to Thailand, they inadvertantly get involved with two rivaling gangs, leading to Carrie's abduction, torture, and murder. Of course, revenge is right around the corner... Chin Siu Ho teams up with real life brother Chin Kar Lok, a drag queen (???), and the sinister Michiko Nishiwaki to take down the "bad" gang in a hail of bullets and flailing fists. Chin Siu Ho walks off into the sunset with a beautiful young Thai girl, but what happened to Chin Kar Lok and Michiko Nishiwaki? Who knows?

A pretty dreadful film, with the requisite bad and embarrassingly enthusiastic English dubbing. True to form for Xenon Entertainment, the video box art totally misrepresents the film by featuring Chingmy Yau and Simon Yam in a "Naked Killer" (1992) rip-off image. Are they in the film? Of course not. The real payoff in the film is seeing Chin Siu Ho and Chin Kar Lok fight, and they're brilliant. Ms. Nishiwaki makes an excellent villain and gets into a nice kung fu scrap at the end. Otherwise, it's a painful chore to sit through the film.