Naked Killer (HK 1992)

Rating: ****
Producer: Wong Jing
Director: Clarence Ford
Screenplay: Wong Jing
Cast: Chingmy Yau, Carrie Ng, Simon Yam, cameo by Ken Lo

Stylish and sleazy. Simon Yam is a cop suffering from the trauma of accidentally shooting his partner. As a result, he gets physically ill whenever he tries to use his gun. He ends up falling for Chingmy Yau (who wouldn't?), a tough bitch with an attitude and a penchant for trouble (she also cures his impotence - lucky him). While trying to escape a crime scene, she is rescued by a master assassin who changes her identity and teaches her the art of killing. She finally faces off with another one of the master's students gone bad, played with delightful nastiness by Carrie Ng. Meanwhile, poor Simon Yam is still searching for Chingmy Yau, who he is convinced is still alive. The sets and outfits are gorgeous and Ms. Yau is stunning and incredibly sexy (and she gets to fight, too!). Carrie Ng goes over the top with her tough chick lesbian performance, and her young Japanese lover is also quite adorable. Great stuff.