Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero (Japan 1966)

Rating: **
Review Date: 7/7/02
Cast: Nick Adams

A sequel to "Ghidrah, The Three Headed Monster" (1965). A new planet has been discovered hiding behind Jupiter, called Planet X. (it is also apparently located in the Scorpion Constellation, whatever the hell that means) Two astronauts (an American and a Japanese) are sent to investigate the planet and discover a highly advanced civilization of people who wear black and grey vinyl suits and curly toed shoes. Their planet is being plagued by King Ghidorah (who they call Monster Zero), and they ask the Earth for help by letting them borrow Godzilla and Rodan. Earth agrees, and that's when Planet X springs their trap. In an effort to conquer the Earth, the aliens command Ghidrah, Godzilla, and Rodan to destroy all human life. The obligatory nerd saves the day by inventing a miniature sound generator that is fatal to the aliens, and astronaut Fuji manages to break the monsters' mind control with a light ray of some kind. With the aliens gone and acting on their own free will, Ghidrah flies back to space, leaving Godzilla and Rodan lying on the bottom of the sea. But they'll be back... Great cheezy fun abounds, with the most absurd moment being Godzilla's bizarre victory dance on Planet X. What were they thinking?!?