Ghidrah, The Three Headed Monster (Japan 1965)

Rating: **
Review Date: 7/7/02

A turning point for Godzilla, as he starts becoming recognized as a "good" monster. As the people of Earth desperately try to make contact with the "flying saucer people," an unusual meteor crashes in the mountains and a Himalayan princess (?) starts proclaiming that she is a Martian. A cute and perky reporter named Naoko investigates the princess, while a friend of hers checks out the meteor. As the Martian princess predicts doom for the planet, the destructive space monster Ghidrah hatches from the crashed meteor. While Rodan and Godzilla are beating each other up for no apparent reason, a baby Mothra tries to convince them to cooperate and fight together against Ghidrah. Poor Mothra just gets laughed at, until she starts getting picked on by Ghidrah. Then the other monsters join in and send the three headed freak back into space. Excellent monster fighting scenes make this one fun to watch.