Flash Future Kung Fu (HK 1991)

Rating: *
Director: Kirk Wong
Cast: Eddy Ko, Wang Lung

An early low budget futuristic film noir flick from Kirk Wong that's just weird and makes no sense (the lack of subtitles didn't help). From what I could tell, a neo-nazi drug-promoting martial arts school takes on a traditional martial arts school in a bizarre and decadent neon filled futuristic environment. Two cute evil chicks rape and kill a couple of the "good guys" and the rest of the film centers around the "good guys" avenging their school. Lackluster martial arts, with the exception of the final fight which looks pretty hardcore. Bizarre sets and camera angles give the film a claustrophobic "Logan's Run" (1976) type feel, and the arcade where the punks hang out is just too weird. Naked chicks, illicit drug use, floggings, and even choreographed torturing and murders take place at the club. Very little entertainment value - it's just too weird.