Logan's Run (1976)

Rating: **
Cast: Michael York, Jennifer Agutter, Richard Jordan, Peter Ustinov, cameo by Farrah Fawcett-Majors

Welcome to the future, where people live in giant domed cities and are ritually executed when they reach their thirtieth birthdays. Security officer Logan-5 (Michael York) learns the awful truth about their society and is sent on a mission to the outside world, while being branded a criminal and pursued by his own kind. Trippy psychedelia and ambitious visual effects work highlight this long-winded film, but they also work against it. Unconvincing matte paintings, shoddy rear projection, messy chroma-key compositions, and sloppy camera work betray the story and undermine your suspension of disbelief. The one thing that has survived the test of time is the radiant and scantily clad Jenny Agutter, who plays the rebellious Jessica-6. She is utterly spell-binding, and perhaps more now than when the film originally came out.