Five Lady Venoms (HK 1984)

Rating: *
Alternate Title: Deadly Silver Angels
Cast: Elsa Yeung (Yang Hui San)

Typical of stuff released by Xenon Entertainment, the original film title and release date are completely obscured, but I'd guess it came out around 1984. What a stinker. It ranks up there with Mexican action films from the 1970's and the ever popular Filipino trash from the 1980's. The convoluted and severely disjointed plot is about a crime boss who starts killing off his competitors and gets challenged by some of his underlings. The daughter of one of the murdered crime bosses (cute and bitchy Elsa Yeung from "Golden Queen Commando" (1984) ) starts on the road to revenge and recruits a group of nine underwhelming femme fighters to aid her (hence the title, "Five Lady Venoms???"). Gratuitous beach training sequences ensue, reminiscent of the equally bad "Lunatic Frog Women" (1989), and Ms. Yeung soon finds her greatest adversary to be the bad guy's right-hand man, undercover cop Jimmy Lee. When Jimmy finds out that his boss is doing bad things, he jumps ship and helps the girls out. Boring and uninteresting in every respect, with poor and uninspired action sprinkled throughout.