Devil Hunters (HK 1989)

Rating: ***
Cast: Moon Lee, Sibelle Hu, Raymond Lui, Alex Man, Ken Lo

It's nearly impossible to figure out what's going on in this film. Everyone is after a big crime boss whose nasty younger brother has set him up to look bad. The police (including a sharp and sexy Sibelle Hu) are out to get him. His daughter (Moon Lee) is out to get him. Raymond Lui is out to get him to avenge his father's death. Lee, Hu, and Lui eventually team up and take out all of the bad guys in an explosive finale that left all three actors seriously injured when a pyrotechnic effect misfired and engulfed them in flames. Ouch. The action is non-stop and the fighting and gunplay are excellent and brutal. Looks and feels like it was shot back to back with "Killer Angels" (1989) and both Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu are great. Ms. Hu really caught my eye this time and managed to successfully pull off being a cute and tough bitch. While she's heavily doubled, she handles her action scenes with intensity and flair. Unfortunately, apart from the very end, Moon Lee is seriously fashion impaired, and one has to question what the wardrobe department was thinking.