Crystal Fortune Run (HK 1994)

Rating: **
Review Date: 12/1/17
Cast: Simon Yam, Anita Yuen, Cheung Man, Kirk Wong

A somewhat futuristic caper featuring an alcoholic detective named Kwong (Simon Yam), a super thief named Ko Kit (Anita Yuen), and a vigilante with a robotic hand named Wind (Cheung Man). Both Ko and Wind are trying to steal a treasure, and Kwong is always one step behind. The plot becomes increasingly absurd until the three of them form an uneasy alliance to take out a violent crime boss (Kirk Wong). In the end, Ko and Wind are whisked away by a secret agency to become partners in organized crime, while Kwong promises to stop drinking.

This film is definitely an oddity and doesn't really fit in with any of the usual Hong Kong genres. If anything, its bizarre world reminded me of "Flash Future Kung Fu" (1991) with a little bit of "The Heroic Trio" (1993) thrown in. Anita Yuen is super cute as well as super annoying, while Cheung Man delivers an icy-cold performance as a heartless killer. The whole robotic hand plot device doesn't serve any purpose and just adds to the confusion. The cinematography is nice and the use of fog and smoke is very effective. Unfortunately, the action scenes are pretty weak and the film never seems to gel. The cast is talented and attractive, but the fact that none of the characters are likable alienates the audience and makes you not care about the outcome.