Angel Terminators (HK 1990)

Rating: **
Cast: Sharon Yeung, Kenneth Tsang, Wei Ying Hung, Carrie Ng, Michiko Nishiwaki, Mark Houghton, cameo by Dick Wei

A solid, but unremarkable film with vicious action and some of the messiest squibs I've seen in a long time. Sharon Yeung and her partner Wei Ying Hung are police officers who are trying to nail a bad guy who, among other dastardly things, framed Ms. Yeung for the murder of her boss. Sharon finally exacts her revenge on the villain at the cost of her life. Carrie Ng plays an atypical mousy victimized girl and a tough Michiko Nishiwaki is the nasty villainess. Dick Wei shows up for one brief fight at the end, but it's pretty good. Standard cops 'n' gangsters fare with a lot of the usual suspects at work and again, more stolen music from "Killer Angels" (1989).