Dirty Pair OAV (Japan 1987-88)

Rating: **
Review Date: 6/1/99

Divided into ten installments

This series of "Dirty Pair" adventures from the late 1980's came after the original TV show finished its run. Kei and Yuri, those big-eyed busty bimbos of the WWWA are at it again in these "crisis of the week" episodes. Some are good and some are not so good, and overall the episodes are much more campy and light-hearted than the TV series and DP movies are. It's essentially like comparing "Bubblegum Crash" to the original "Bubblegum Crisis." More of the same, but not quite as good. While the Lovely Angel receives a sleek facelift, Kei and Yuri have upgraded their skimpy outfits to be even more provocative, and their eyes and breasts have doubled in size. Sadly, the weak character designs, watered down writing, and low budget animation tend to reduce the impact of the show, which focuses more on humor than sci-fi action.