Space Bunnies Must Die!

Year: 1998
Platform: PC
Developer: Ripcord Games
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: **

One of the first true "Tomb Raider" knock-offs. Allison Huxter is a truckstop waitress and up-and-coming rodeo star who must rescue her twin sister Jocelyn from a vicious group of alien space bunnies. Apart from the standard running, jumping, climbing, and shooting, there's one thing Allison can do that Lara Croft can't - Allison can dance. Oddly enough, the space bunnies lose all their inhibitions when Allison shakes her booty. If you dance long enough and well enough, the bunnies will drop their weapons and join in the revelry, giving you a prime opportunity to waste them. The game works well on a campy science fiction B-movie level, but it's too difficult to play and once the novelty aspect wears off you're left with another frustrating "Tomb Raider" adventure. While the look is very similar to "Tomb Raider", the controls are considerably different and somewhat difficult to use. The camera also works totally opposite of what you would expect, which causes a lot of bewilderment and disorientation. This is one of those games that would be a lot more fun if you had infinite health, so you could actually enjoy what the game has to offer instead of constantly worrying about dying.