Hot Chix 'n' Gear Stix

Year: 2000
Platform: Windows 95/98
Publisher: Global Star Software
Developer: Fiendish Entertainment
Genre: Racing
Rating: **

I laughed out loud when I saw this game in the $1.50 bargain bin. The absurd title and cheezy box art definitely deserved a place in my collection of video game oddities. However, I happened to be pleasantly surprised when I popped this game in and started playing. It's a simple and unassuming racing game featuring six classic 1970's muscle cars on a collection of six attractive tracks. This ain't no "Gran Turismo", but if you like muscle cars and are looking for some quick and fun racing action, this game definitely delivers. The graphics are good, the frame rate is smooth, and the controls and physics are adequate. The game also features an energetic and innocuous jazz/funk soundtrack, which is a pleasant departure from the techno drenched racing genre.

So what's the chix angle? It's purely a marketing scheme, and the only time you see the "hot chix" is on the box cover and the title screen of the game. The idea here is that these six girls are the actual drivers in the racing competition, and you choose which one of them you want to play. It also serves as a way to identify your competitors instead of them just being nameless cars. But you never actually see any of the girls, so it's all rather moot. Once again, a clever marketing gimmick that alienates its target audience by not delivering what's on the package. (unless they show up at the end of the game, which I doubt) Still, even without the hot chix, it's a fun game and definitely worth the $1.50 that I dropped down for it.