Ed Hunter

Year: 1999
Platform: PC
Developer: Synthetic Dimensions
Genre: 3D shooter
Rating: **

Remember Journey's "Escape" video game and Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker"? Well now Iron Maiden has their own video game in the form of a mindless 3D rail shooter, similar to "Virtua Cop" or "The House Of The Dead". It's a silly, but enjoyable adventure that has you chasing Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie, through a series of Iron Maiden themed environments. To an average gamer, this game is unremarkable and downright stupid, but to an Iron Maiden fan (such as myself) the game is utterly delightful for all of its goofy and nostalgic content. It's quite clear that the game was designed by Maiden fans for Maiden fans, and there are little bits of clever trivia and in-jokes all over the place. The various levels are inspired by Iron Maiden history and mythology, so you get to visit places like the Cart And Horses, Ruskin Arms, and the ever popular Acacia Avenue (although Charlotte the Harlot must have been out for the evening). You also get to visit other wonderful places like ancient Egypt, the fires of Hell, and the futuristic cityscape inspired by "Somewhere In Time". It's these little nuances that make the game endearing and sometimes unintentionally funny, but it's apparent that the game designers truly care about the material, and it's that sincerity that comes through in the finished product.